Solving Relationship Problems For :

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Founders
  • Divorcing Clients
  • Individuals & Couples


Create a healthy balance between your two loves:

  • Your Business
  • Your Marriage


Integrate the “I,” “You,” and “We”

  • “I” – Commit to self-exploration
  • “You” – Embrace your partner’s individuality including their professional goals
  • “We” – Develop a collaborative coexistence of both points of view


A relationship where each person is equally valued and equally respected and includes:

  • An understanding of your and your partner’s needs for separateness and togetherness
  • Mutual responsibility for the whole, not just your half
  • Cultivating the individual and shared growth of both partners’ personal and professional goals

By using the telephone and telecommunications technology (Skype & Vsee),

Dr. Hecker connects and communicates with her clients throughout the United States and abroad.

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