“What makes true love possible are healthy boundaries, knowing what is yours, respecting what is not, and avoiding transferring your feelings, desires and viewpoints on your partner.”
–Dr Deborah Hecker


It takes three to create an excellent relationship; I, You, We.  All three entities must be simultaneously nurtured.


  • I” – A relationship is only as good as the individuals in it.  I will help you to develop your “Self.”
  • You” – Your partner is a separate individual from you.  I will help you to honor the differences
  • We” – Partners in happy relationships experience security and trust with one another so they can bring their “I” honestly into the partnership.



  • Better communication of your needs
  • A stronger sense of Self
  • Self-acceptance
  • Personal responsibility for a meaningful life


  • Respect for your partner’s uniqueness
  • Investment in your partner’s growth
  • Unconditional value of your partner


  • A compatible “We
  • Knowledge of what is yours and respect for what is not
  • How to negotiate conflicts

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