Welcome to The Entrepreneur’s Relationship Blog

I’m Delighted You Are Joining Me On My Maiden Voyage.

I Would Like To Begin With A Question

As An Entrepreneur, What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

I’ll wager that the following are among your most raw pain points:

  • The entrepreneurial financial roller coaster
  • The entrepreneurial emotional roller coaster
  • The “almost there…but never quite” part of building your company

Now Ask Yourself The Following:

How many of you mentioned the challenge of trying to build your love relationship while building your company?

Are you married to your company—or to your spouse?

Is your real relationship at risk?

The truth is that most entrepreneurs fail to grasp that their relationship is as important as their business and that they lack the tools to thrive in both simultaneously.

I’m Dr. Deborah Hecker, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur and Relationship Expert. As an entrepreneur, I know who you are – you are driven by your heart and you are fueled by an unwavering sense of purpose. When you are down in the mud, you don’t give up – you get up. Congratulations, the world needs more people like you.

As an author and relationship expert with 35 years of private practice experience, I know the precise ingredients of a successful relationship. As a wife in a dual career,high-powered marriage many years ago, I failed miserably to build a successful professional life and a long-term marriage. How do I know that? One day my husband, the love of my life, told me he had a commitment to another woman.

That’s the inspiration behind “The Entrepreneur’s Relationship Blog.”

“I do not want you to build your business only to let the love of your life slip away”.