Where Romantic Relationships and Business Meet

Did You Know That Your Romantic Relationship Directly Impacts The Success of Your Business?

The successful entrepreneur knows that work doesn’t take place between 9 and 5. The lines between your work and your personal relationship are quite blurry. So, when do you have time for a romantic relationship?

And, nowhere is the overlap of work and significant other greater than between an entrepreneur and his or her romantic (and sometimes also business) partner. Indeed, sometimes the business is referred to as the “third partner” in the relationship.

As if being in a relationship and an entrepreneurial venture weren’t difficult enough on their own, then add striving to be successful at both simultaneously and you have stepped into a pressure cooker. This is a sobering task, indeed.

No matter how hard you try not to let your relationship ups and downs affect your work performance, they can and they will.

Current research and thinking from the worlds of economics and social sciences highlight four major conclusions:

  • Happily married business owners increase profitability
  • Unhappily married business owners decrease profitability
  • Productivity is hurt directly by marital problems.
  • People who are successful in their marriage earn more money and live longer.

Romantic Relationship Strategies to Increase Your Profitability

To create an relationship that will increase your profitability, I have some tips for you that will yield success for years to come.

  • Collaborate with your partner: Leaders with strong relationships stress the need for a shared vision of success with their partner – not just for themselves. Develop common goals.
  • Value your partner’s complementary traits and strengths: emotional intelligence, big picture thinking, detail orientation – and whatever skills balance out your own tendencies.
  • Look to your partner to be a sounding board and honest critic. Encourage them to ask probing questions that challenge your thinking and viewpoint.
  • Seek your partner’s support to help you: budget your time and energy, live healthfully and make deliberate choices about work, travel and financial management.
  • Make sacrifices and concessions. Your partner’s support is critical. Therefore, you must make sure that their needs are met too.
  • Have strong, open dialogue with your partner every day. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Do your want to learn more about a life-changing relationship model that will help you have a great marriage and earn more money? Stay tuned for my next blog.

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