“With a deep commitment to my clients and through compassion and clinical excellence – my mission is to help people to significantly improve their personal and interpersonal lives.”

Meet Dr. Deborah Hecker

about-imageA respected psychoanalyst, Dr. Deborah Hecker has developed a cutting-edge relationship model she calls 
“Yours, Mine, Ours: Romantic Partnership Done Right.” Her innovative approach assists clients in simultaneously developing their individual identities while teaching them how to successfully integrate that unique identity into their partnerships.

She integrates both inner personal dynamics with inter-personal skills for individuals going through separation and divorce. She also specializes in helping committed careerists and business people to negotiate boundaries for their work and their personal relationships.

Clinical Expert

Dr. Hecker has been in private practice as a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist for more than 35 years. She has a Master’s degree from Columbia University and her Ph.D. from the Union Institute. She also has extensive training in: grief counseling, addictions counseling, couples’ counseling, collaborative practice and mediation.

In 1995, Dr. Hecker co-founded and served as President of Prime Choices: A Women’s Center for Mid-Life Development. Prime Choices was a pioneering interdisciplinary organization whose mission was to educate and empower midlife women. They provided individual counseling, support groups, professional speakers, author presentations and conferences.

Dr. Hecker has been a consultant to Physicians For Human Rights (PHR), Nobel Peace prize recipients dedicated to helping people whose personal rights have been violated to seek asylum in the United States.

Published Author

Dr. Hecker is the author of “Who Am I Without My Partner?” Post-Divorce Healing and Rediscovering Your SELF.” Applying psychological theory, Dr. Hecker takes her readers through the grief of losing a loved one and the challenge of redefining who they are post-divorce.

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