“Divorce feels like running uphill on a mountain of super glue!”
— Dr. Deborah Hecker

There are two processes one goes through after a divorce;
Grief and redefining themselves as a non-partnered person


Whenever there is attachment, and then loss, one must grieve that loss. When loss happens, through separation and divorce, it takes one off guard and it can become overwhelming to deal with the pain. One’s natural inclination often is “I don’t want to have to feel this pain, so how do I get out of it?”However, in order to heal and move beyond the pain of loss, one must make a conscious decision to recover over avoidance and fear. That’s where I come in.


Many marriages are based on the subconscious need to look to one’s partner to make up for the attributes they lack. When this unhealthy interdependency ends through divorce, one is left to develop their independent identity, perhaps for the first time. I will help you with this difficult journey by assisting you to develop your personal power, renew your self-esteem and teach you the necessary prerequisites for successful future relationships.


I will show you step by step how to:

  • Grieve your loss
  • Redefine your identity as an individual
  • Learn a new model of healthy partnering based on Yours, Mine, Ours.


  • A strong sense of autonomy and personal security
  • An understanding of your own attachment needs
  • The skills to build a divorce-proof relationship

By using the telephone and telecommunications technology (Skype & Vsee),

Dr. Hecker connects and communicates with her clients throughout the United States and abroad.

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