“Doubts, conflicts and insecurities are a normal part of any committed relationship.”

Being in an intimate relationship can be one of the greatest human joys or one of the greatest sources of pain. We all begin relationships with so much hope; the dream of feeling completely accepted, safe and of a lasting bond.Why do some relationships endure and deepen? The people who make intimacy work practice basic interpersonal skills such as great listening, clear communication, empathy and good anger management,

If you are stuck in a relationship where the positives once outweighed the negatives, but that has significantly deteriorated over time, or your goals, your values and beliefs are different than your partner’s and conflict has resulted, I can help you.

Hi, I’m Dr. Deb Hecker and I am glad you are here………..

My counseling will help you to develop a strong orientation toward personal growth, including strong self-worth and the ability to handle your emotions skillfully. After all, a great relationship can only be as good as the individuals in it. Additionally, my counseling will show you how to cultivate a satisfying couple relationship that balances individual intimacy and growth needs of both people.

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