— Susan, Bermuda
My husband and I are co-owners of our business. Dr. Hecker helped me to learn when to share control with my husband and when to take a back seat.
— Jenny, San Diego, California
Dr. Hecker places enormous value on the importance of communication. She taught me to identify my feelings and how to communicate them honestly with my partner.

— Laura D., Texas

Dr. Hecker taught me how to navigate being a strong individual and part of a strong couple.

— Dan P., Vermont

Debbie is a voice of reason when nothing seems to make sense. She is very objective, but also knows when to prompt you to assert yourself. Debbie provides a consistent source of guidance in ways that friends and family simply cannot. She has helped me release a tremendous sense of failure and enabled me to see the opportunities for growth

— Frank A., New York

While the concept of therapy via the telephone might be considered unusual, it has been perfect for me. It has allowed me flexibility in scheduling and completely eliminates “drive time” to and from an office. That aside, Dr. Hecker has turned my life around. She is the real deal.

— Frank, Hillsdale, New York

Even though there were times I had difficulty understanding and appreciating my wife’s professional goals, my counseling with Dr. Hecker taught me to be supportive of her ambitions.

— Gloria J., California

My journey started with a discreet mission – whether or not to stay in my marriage, but it took on larger meaning as I worked with Dr. Hecker. It became a path to self-realization – still ongoing and sometimes difficult, but greatly rewarding

— Dave M., Washington, DC

Dr. Hecker has a tremendous work ethic. She offered insights by connecting comments I had made over the span of several sessions or several months. Perhaps you will think this is what every therapist does but in talking with friends, I have learned that Dr. Hecker’s familiarity and grasp of my personal narrative is unusual

—Mitsuno K., Tokyo

I went to Dr. Hecker after having become locked in a vicious cycle of what I came to call ”infected thinking,” a virus of negativity and regret that kept me from moving forward. She never prejudiced me either toward staying with my husband or leaving him. She had no agenda in this regard. I felt that the decision was completely my own.

— Roger T. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Being part of a couple can sometimes be difficult because you always have to be considerate of your partner’s feelings. I never thought it would happen but my partner and I learned to brainstorm together. Roger T. Cincinnati, Ohio.

—Kristie H., Colorado

Dr. Hecker has helped me believe in myself. I understand now that within the context of attachment to others, I am still my own person, able to maintain my own identity. Dr. Hecker has helped me realize that my self worth is not measured by what my partner thinks of me, but rather my ability to depend on myself