Solving Relationship Problems For
Divorcing Clients,  Individuals & Couples
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Divorce Counseling for people contemplating divorce, in the middle of the legal process, or struggling through its aftermath.

Couples Counseling for people having marital conflicts and relationship problems.

Individual Counseling for people coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma and dealing with depression or anxiety.

How Can I Help You?

Divorcing Clients

  • Stuck in the pain?
  • Grieving the loss of your marriage?
  • Looking to redefine who you are and what the future holds post-divorce?
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Individuals & Couples

  • Unclear about your own needs?
  • Fear of your “I” getting lost in the “We?”
  • Difficulty negotiating your and your partner’s differences?
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Counseling Process

Divorcing Clients

  • Choose to turn your loss into gain
  • Re-define your identity as an individual
  • Create a new model of healthy partnering
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Individuals & Couples

  • It Takes Three To Create An Excellent Relationship “I, You, We”
  • Your partner is a separate individual from you. To honor the differences, my counseling will help you
  • I will help you forge a compatible “we” that supports your love bond
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Meet Dr. Deborah Hecker

deb solo

A respected psychoanalyst, Dr. Deborah Hecker has developed a cutting-edge relationship model she calls 
“Yours, Mine, Ours: Romantic Partnership Done Right”. Her innovative approach assists clients in simultaneously developing their individual identities while teaching them how to successfully integrate that unique identity into their partnerships.

She integrates both inner personal dynamics with inter-personal skills for individuals going through separation and divorce. She also specializes in helping committed careerists and business people to negotiate boundaries for their work and their personal relationships.Read More


Divorce – We Are Almost Divorced

When I was going through my divorce, my Dad, a corporate attorney, told me the following; “Everybody wins and everybody loses.” At the time, I was too caught up in the war to be able to grasp the meaning of that wisdom. 

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More On The "Panic Of The I

One of my clients aptly referred to his post-divorce aloneness as the “panic of the I.” He compared his feelings to those of a toddler who feels the world is safe and friendly until his mother turns out the light and leaves him alone to face the boogeyman.

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Entrepreneur's Relationship Blog

How many of you mentioned the challenge of trying to build your love relationship while building your company? Are you married to your company—or to your spouse? Is your real relationship at risk?

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My husband and I are co-owners of our business. Dr. Hecker helped me to learn when to share control with my husband and when to take a back seat.

— Susan, Bermuda

The divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me. It allowed me to be who I am, not the shadow of the person I was. Thank you for supporting my metamorphosis to the woman I am.

— Terry

Dr. Hecker taught me how to navigate being a strong individual and part of a strong couple.

— Laura D., Texas